New Year’s Wes

Last night was New Year’s Eve. You probably noticed this.

I celebrated with a glass of wine, a large steak and this film:

It was superb. I loved “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” but Moonrise Kingdom was even better. Every shot is a masterpiece of colour and framing and the narrative is gorgeous and particularly effective for its child-centric voice. In short, I thought it utterly beguiling. AND BILL MURRAY IS IN IT. Tonight I may watch it again.

After the film ended I meandered through largely indifferent television until stumbling upon The Hives playing on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny. They were dressed in tail-coats, top hats and played very fast, loud guitar music. What is not to like?

Finally, I am glad my £10 helped “Skyfall” on its way to being the first British film to make over £100,000,000. Rarely have I enjoyed myself so much in a cinema – well, there was that time when . . . . actually no, I am not going to tell that story. Not yet anyway.

Happy New Year and all that.


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