Saying thank you

I have spent a good part of this afternoon sitting at a table writing thank you cards for my son’s Christmas presents. It is an obvious point perhaps but the act of putting pen to paper, literally, is an increasingly rare one. My handwriting has deteriorated to the extent that even I struggle to read what I have scrawled. (In the case of thank you letters I can be certain that I am following the Mother Gillingham template to which my sister and I were made to adhere when sitting down on about December 28th each year. I can’t wait for my three year old son to be able to write so I can force him to do likewise. He will thank me. Eventually). And who knew that stamps cost 50p each? Plenty of people I am sure but bloody hell that’s expensive. But regardless, although rare the act of writing rather than typing is a pleasingly tactile one and how many personal letters do we receive a year? Ones from the bank don’t count.

Combining handwriting with an expression of thanks is particularly pleasurable. Sadly I can’t write to everyone who has expressed their support for Jimmy and me in the past few days so I am going to revert to electronic means. But the sentiments are sincere nevertheless.

If you have read the blog, “liked” the Facebook page, “followed” us on Twitter or just sent a text to say well done then thank you. We have a huge amount of work to do in the next few months but to know that many, many people wish us well is encouraging and brilliant. We promise not to bombard you with ephemera, with pointless posts or needless information (and please tell us if you think this is happening) rather we will give more information about the film as and when we have something to say.

Anyway, I will stop before I begin to Paltrow all over you. But you know, cheers and all that. It’s good to know that you’re there.



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