Red hot HIGH TIDE update (in which we write a letter)

I was speaking to a friend earlier today who said that they’d been reading various posts on my blog whilst sitting on the toilet. This was almost certainly more detail than I needed (although if nothing else I now have evidence that my overly-long sentences have impressive diarrhetic if not rhetorical properties) but it was another of his, non-defecatory (which is an adjective – I have just checked), observations that has stuck with me. And there is no pun there so please, please do not try to search for one.

He said that I should spend more time actually writing about the process of making our film rather than spouting endless screes of prose about stuff that happened in the 90s. He is almost certainly is correct. This is a “film” blog, or at least that what I was told to write. Write a film blog Jim. Make it interesting. Tell people about what you are up to in the production process. Lots of people will read it and glory and wonder will shine down on Long Arm Films like the light from a billion galaxies, ancient and profound, both timeless and immense . . . . well the truth of the matter is that most of what is happening on the film at the moment is a little banal. Or at least certainly not the stuff of anecdote. Let me summarise some of the recent “highlights” from Long Arm HQ.

1. I wrote a letter. Jimmy rewrote it. I then managed to put an electronic version of my signature on a pdf version of this letter. Jimmy did likewise. We then sent the letter. There was much rejoicing.

2. We had an email conversation with Briony our lovely and brilliant casting director. She has begun the casting process. Hooray!  But we are not allowed to talk about who we’ve been approaching. So move away, nothing to see here.

3. We had another conversation with the lovely and brilliant Briony who told us that the letter we’d written (see 1) needed changing.

4. We changed the letter.

5. Jimmy and I had a conversation about bras. More specifically, whether a certain character in the screenplay of High Tide would be wearing one at a certain point. We concluded that she wouldn’t be because women don’t wear bras in bed. This took several hours.

6. I opened a Soundcloud account for Long Arm Films with the vague notion that we might, at some point some time, post some audio stuff online. I tested it by uploading a clip of a gig I played in Camden several years ago, as guests of my dear friends Nice Mum.  I was in a “band” with two teaching colleagues; we were called Chalk! and we played cover versions two songs that were contemporary at the time. And kudos to my friend Stuart for his arrangements which still sound great.

You can hear it by clicking on the thingy below should you be interested:

7. Jimmy sent a tweet.

8. I wrote some stuff and published it online.

You see it is all a bit tedious.

Not that I am complaining. Not a bit of it. It’s brilliant and wonderful and just ball-shakingly thrilling to be embarking on this process. And with my best friend too . . . . . .  I am going to stop now before you vomit your supper (and I hope that you still have “supper”; nothing like a bit of Victorian structure to your mealtimes to ensure that you keep yourself regular) over your electronic device at the repetition of such platitudes.  When we have more interesting news then you’ll be the first to know about it I promise.

But in the meantime, the electronic world’s insatiable thirst for CONTENT means that I will continue barking like a little yappy dog with a keyboard and Youtube account.

And for this I can only apologise.

Blame the system. Rage against the machine.


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