If I hadn’t seen such riches . . . a plea for a few quid

Let me be straight with you from the off: this is a not a blog post. This is a plug, a blag, a plea, a request, a nudge, a cajole, a begging letter. But not a blog post.

If you’ve read this blog over the past few months you know that I am up to my large neck in pre-production for our first feature film which is called High Tide. We have got some excellent investment from some excellent companies and individuals but we are also running a crowdfunding campaign to ensure we have the budget to make the very best film we can.

If you’ve got a spare half an hour or so, you can trace the journey through the blog posts:

High Tide is announced here. 

We add a composer to the project here. 

We hire a DOP here.

We sign a brilliant band to appear in the film here. 

We agonise about asking for money and then ask for money here. 

And so on.

And now I am asking you. Even a few quid, dollars, euros would be not only hugely generous but would genuinely help us make this film into something truly wonderful.

I won’t bang on and normal blog service will resume soon but before I disappear again, let me show you three videos that MAY persuade you to help.

CAJOLING VIDEO ONE – We try to be clever and ask for your money by telling you not to give us any money. This may not have been wise.

CAJOLING VIDEO TWO – The sun shone. We got some our team together in one of High Tide’s locations and the man with the steadicam didn’t show up. So please take your sea-sickness pills before watching.

CAJOLING VIDEO THREE -Our most recent short film Stuart and Kate. Made on a shoe-string but shows what we are about.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my collected nonsense over the months then maybe you’d consider helping us out. And if all that fails then let’s still be friends and enjoy one of the greatest songs ever written:

I wish you all an entirely enjoyable and deeply sexy weekend.


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