High Tide shoot minus one day: letter from Bob

I am sitting in Long Arm HQ surrounded by filmmaking equipment as Chris our DOP straps himself into a steadycam harness. This is quite a sight to behold. Anyway, there are thousand things to do before bed tonight but I thought I’d share an email sent to us by our old friend Bob this afternoon.

This was wonderful to receive, especially as we were flagging somewhat at the time. Thanks Bobby – it means a lot.

I am so frikkin’ chuffed for you. You boys have worked your collective asses off to get this project moving and now that shooting is about to kick off, you must be air-punching, knuckle-bumping and running round the living room with your shirts pulled up over your heads.

The road travelled was long and tough and unrelentingly awful at times. And the road ahead must look pretty tricky underfoot right now. But you are making something, at a time when most creators sit frozen, neutered and impotent before the forces of reason, commerce and gross indifference. To stand shoulder to shoulder and paint your celluloid canvas (well, digital canvas) with broad strokes of love and life and truth is to skip a stone 12 times (a personal record) across the shoreline of THE MAN then turn and flick the proverbial bird at the circling carrion army that represents armchair artists everywhere.

Doing is the thing, and you boys are doing it for real.

I wish you every success for the coming weeks behind the lens, and months in the editing suite. I cannot WAIT to see what beauty you can conjure.

With love and respect and lots of good old fashioned HOOPLA,
Meanwhile here is a picture of Jimmy trying to look like he knows what he doing with a C300 film camera. He doesn’t. But luckily Chris does.
Jimmy plus film cameraGoodnight from Wales. More tomorrow.

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