The High Tide party scene: twelve months on

As I sit in a quiet house watching a large amount of rain throw itself to the ground with alarming gusto, I can’t help but reflect that exactly a year ago today I was rushing around a garden in Wales setting up for what was to be both the busiest and most remarkable day of shooting on our feature film High Tide.

Jimmy and I both watched near-complete drafts of the film yesterday in preparation for a short ADR session next week (and there I go waving around acronyms like ADR without a care in the world – ADR or Additional Dialogue Recording means getting your actors back to rerecord dialogue that was imperfect on set. Many films, particularly those with huge special effects sequences, are almost entirely composed of ADR work, but for High Tide we need only record a small amount. Gosh what a thrilling piece of parenthetical filler.) and one of the highlights of the whole piece is the twenty or so minutes we spend at the party scene that we shot that day.

Having the wonderful Sam Green and the Midnight Heist play live in the garden was a real treat (especially for the neighbours) and the general good grace shown by everyone ensured that the day was a success, even if Jimmy and I did have to spend the dying moments of the evening rushing around like crazy things in order to get everything shot by the legally-binding working curfew. Most people were a bit drunk by then; we were very sober!

Anyway, I don’t want to chunter on about it so I think I will curtail my reminiscings there. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the day and thanks to anyone who cares enough to be patient for the release of the finished film. It is coming, I promise you.

Here are a few images and videos from the day:

party2 party1 2013-08-08 15.43.27 2013-08-08 20.02.28-3






5 thoughts on “The High Tide party scene: twelve months on

  1. It’s hard to believe that was already a year ago! It must feel wonderful to have gathered up such a lovely group of people and see the original vision fleshed out – I can’t imagine! Looks like an amazing day. Congrats to everyone involved.

    • Thanks Julia. Yes it was a pretty incredible feeling for the five or so minutes we had to reflect on it all. For the rest of the time we were running around trying to get everything done!

      It does seem incredible that a year has passed already but having seen a near-finished version of the film yesterday I am certain that it has been worth the wait.

      Best wishes to you as ever.

      On 8 Aug 2014, at 14:53, James Gillingham – Long Arm Films wrote:

      • Yes, after I wrote that, I thought…I would probably cave under the pressure of all those people depending on me to tell them what to do! Not quite like an ACTUAL backyard party with music, I suppose. 🙂

      • There was a fair amount of free booze so for many of the people there it was just like a party! In fact it was a party. We had to remain sober, which we did with admirable resolve. And then we fell asleep!

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