The new High Tide trailer is available to watch with your eyes

Hello blog. It has been a while. Gosh, it’s a little dusty in here. And over there is a spider who’s strung her spindly web betwixt CD copies of The Boy with the Arab Strap by Belle and Sebastian and Beck’s Odelay. And I am sure someone’s left a half-eaten sandwich somewhere in here, either that or . . . . well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Let me just have a blast around with the Pledge (does Pledge still exist or do you have to stream it via Spotify these days?) and make the place presentable. Oh there’s a lump of Christmas cheese left over from my bloated (appropriately) last blog post which had nothing to do with filmmaking and everything to do with the music that makes me happy. 

Right, now the decks are detritus-free I can come to the point of this post, namely that the final trailer for our feature film High Tide is now online. I’ve used this blog in recent years to detail the lengthy, frustrating and slightly insane process of getting a film from an initial idea to actually showing it in a cinema. Many of these posts have now been hidden in attempt to mask some of the glaring errors we made along the way (not to mention the various important people we upset, albeit inadvertently) but one day I will republish everything in an attempt to be of use to anyone who is insane enough to try this filmmaking lark for themselves.

But we’ve done it. Just. High Tide will be in selected cinemas in March 2015 after having its world premiere in Swansea (where else?) at the end of February. Right now I don’t really have much time for reflection as there is still much to do but suffice to say that Jimmy and I are very proud. And tired. Really tired.

Now we just have to hope that people like it. But that is a worry for another day.

So here is the trailer. If you like it then maybe you could send it to a friend? Maybe you could write them a letter and copy out the URL for them to type into their browser? Or perhaps you could stand atop a handy hillock and covey the URL via semaphore? Or even shimmy up the conning tower of a nearby nuclear submarine and transmit the URL via morse code to passing sailors? Or maybe you can a couple of pals could act-out the trailer in a local square having first learn the lines and dressed Phil up as Melanie Walters in a cardigan and a wig? Failing these you could of course just use Facebook or Twitter.

But even if you don’t share then I hope that if you’ve got this far then you might at least watch. So here it is. We sincerely hope that you like it.

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