Matt Harding announced as composer for “High Tide” – free MP3 download

We at Long Arm towers are delighted to bring you some ACTUAL NEWS about “High Tide”, our forthcoming feature film. So, for the moment at least, I can put aside anecdotes, whimsy and the misplaced hagiography of 90s indie music and reveal that the soundtrack for our film is going to be written by the supremely brilliant (and really quite attractive) Matt Harding.

If you search on Google for “Matt Harding” you will find lots about an American chap who dances badly around the world (and seems to be doing it for rather lovely reasons so good luck to him). This is not OUR Matt Harding. Our Matt Harding is a London-based musician who has released four albums, three of which with Moshi Moshi records, and just makes gorgeous music.

We love him. We have a bit of a man-crush.

What does he sound like? It’s probably safe to say that it is NOT Country and Western. Nor R and B. And he doesn’t really make pop music. Is that helpful? No? Well, I suppose you could describe his work as a blend of low-fi electro and folk (in that he often uses a guitar) but even this doesn’t really capture a sense of his work. You are just going to have to listen.

Matt’s reaction to our script was really pleasing in that he seemed to understand the type of story we are trying to tell and it is great to be collaborating with an artist of rare skill, integrity and talent. We can’t wait to hear what he comes up with for the film.

Now this is going to sound like one of those God-awful PR-driven adverts with which we are increasingly bombarded but we do have a little present for you. Here’s what the set-up would read like it we were paying a PR company:


I hate that use of the verb “to celebrate”. When Skyfall came out we were invited to “celebrate” the film’s release with a whole series of over-priced purchases. “Celebrate Skyfall by drinking pissy Dutch lager that most Dutch people wouldn’t drink even if you paid them and empty cans of which can be found stuffed with fag ends and gob on the stained carpets the morning after a million student parties”.

So in more prosaic and hopefully more tasteful terms, please feel free to click on the track by Matt below. It is called “Silver” and is an unfinished demo version of a song that will appear on his forthcoming album. Please note that thanks to Matt’s generosity and general all-over splendour you can actually download the track to keep for yourself and future generations to enjoy.

Now don’t say we don’t give you anything. I know you haven’t said this but if you were thinking about it saying it then please think about saying something else because quite blatantly this is us giving you something. For free. Because we’re nice like that. Or Jimmy is at least. I’m a right old sod.