Sixty Unseen Seconds

To continue the story  – such as it is.

Jimmy and I returned to London from shooting Sliced and a few days writing and then shooting what would eventually become Jesse – our entry in a one minute film competition.

This was a lot of jolly fun, especially as we were working with our good friend Rupert Waring. This (very) short tells the story of a man writing to a partner asking for some time and space to clear his head. The first draft of the script was my usual verbose and hyperbolic stuff but Jimmy stripped out all the nonsense and we were left with something tight and affecting.

The irony of the film is that our protagonist is mistaken and far from escaping the modern world of noise and electronic fluff, he is in reality submerged in a digital context but one that is unseen. So far, so much bad sixth form poetry. However we succeeded in achieving something of note with the film by using (I think) nine different cameras on the shoot, to give the impression of multiple pairs of eyes staring at our hero as he writes. This made it a bit of a sod to edit but it looks interesting.

Again we ballsed the sound up – even though we were simply recording a voiceover – so please don’t listen to it through headphones. However, the more I watch Jesse the more I like its distant and distracted tone; I don’t think that the “point” such as it was, comes across particularly clearly but for all that I think it is a decent piece of work.

And Rupert is great in it.

To finish the story, the competition for which it was entered folded before the closing date and Jesse was put out to grass on our Vimeo page where it was largely ignored.